Dear Customer,

Curtis Energy Consulting (CEC) provides consulting advisory services for petroleum engineering and high-performance contracting for drilling and completions. We are subject matter experts in the pressure pumping disciplines, especially cementing and hydraulic fracturing. Our expertise also includes creating high-performance drilling & completions contracts to reduce costs, minimize cycle time, achieve perfect execution and deliver results.

Since 2013, CEC has provided full-time consulting advisory services as subject matter expert and performance contracting advisor for a super-major operator's Angola business unit, where we transformed cementing into the best-performing service line.  We also completely overhauled the drilling & completions contracts and oversaw the bidding and new contract execution, achieving a cost reduction of 50 - 70%, reducing CAPEX spend on a major capital project by $85 million, minimizing D&C cycle times and achieving perfect job execution via a novel performance incentive plan.

CEC was founded in 2013 by James Curtis, and is able to provide consulting services across the globe.  James previously worked for twenty-three years for Baker Hughes/BJ Services/Nowsco, where he successfully held various positions of increasing responsibility, including Global Director of Offshore Cementing, Western Hemisphere Business Development Director for Pressure Pumping, and Business Development/Technical Manager for both the Europe/Africa and the Latin America Regions. He has lived and worked in the Americas (both North and South), in Europe and in Africa.  He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

CEC looks forward to solving your D&C contracting challenges and to optimizing your operations performance. Please contact us to learn how we can add value to your operation or venture.


James Curtis, Owner
Curtis Energy Consulting LLC
Houston cel. +1 832 795 5134 | Angola cel. +244 943 283 076